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Hi my name is Terri and this is my hobble, my pass time and now its turning into my business. I have live in Florida my whole life. I ended up a single mother with 3 kids so I started entering sweepstakes so we could be able to take vacations and have some treats in our lives. I have won TVs, computers, tickets to many shows, events etc. I have won some great trips too. A cruise to Mexico, a trip to Colorado, New York, we did The Walking Dead preview in California and hung with the cast. LOTS of goodies.

So now I have come up with something for my locals. I dig and find all the contests of Tampa Bay. Some I enter some I just post for you. Now that I have some great followers I am now going straight to the business and having them offer you some great prizes. In hopes you will like their page for future giveaways. So That explains the master plan.

If you have a business, no matter how big or small lets get together and get you out there right now its completely free

Thanks people and please share this.

Terri Oberle at 727-320-6357

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