Want to see the @Buccaneers FREE? Enter to win tickets! #football #sports #tampabay

Win Bucs passes

There is one (1) prize in the Sweepstakes:Winner will receive two (2) pre-game sideline passes for one (1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game (which shall include two (2) general admission tickets into the stadium). The game shall be chosen by the winner from a list provided by the Bucs. The Bucs reserve the right to revoke the sideline passes from winner and/or guest who the Bucs or venue personnel deem, in their sole discretion, may be intoxicated, be a safety risk, or have violated any venue policy or law. Total Approximate Value of Prize: Four Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars ($499.00

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One comment

  1. I would love to be able to go to see if I can yours game was scheduled to go see a game with my mom this year we made plans but unfortunately on January 28th my mom passed away it’s been really hard and then a month ago my brother end up with three blood clots to his long and when the back of his leg things that are family have been going downhill we also had a family member that overdosed at the age of 32 she is gone and left three children behind but still got to walk around with a smile on my face and it’s hard but I do but this would be great to be able to go there and spend a day having a little bit of fun I support my Buccaneers for a long time even when times get tough I support them win or lose and we’ll go 10 you I wear all my heart the Buccaneers all the way

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